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Hey Girls!

I do my work where youth is an unending season. At school I watch all day long growing kids, who are basically either going towards an emotional storm or already are in the eye of it. Especially when I look at those girls, I start feeling very projective towards them. I would like to put my notes to the table, forget all I´m supposed to teach and go the opposite direction from the curriculum, get lost and never come back.

During that escape from the curriculum I would tell them all those things that I would have hoped someone told me 20 years ago.

1. Girls, a used mascara contains as much bacteria as a used sanitary napkin. Do not borrow your friend´s mascara. And when I talk about friends it includes your mother.

2. Amorphous body and the impurities of the skin are meant to give you a peace to grow and keep you safe from most of the jerks, so try to value both. You might not be the hottest chick on the market right now, but the market changes and so do you. Later you will appreciate different qualities in your partner than you do right now when your brain is not fully developed.

3. Spare your eyebrows! Eyebrows are the only hair that will not grow back as it used to be. Do what ever you want to your leg hair, shave it, wax it and use money to remove it, but never EVER pluck your eyebrows on an impulse. If you need to pluck something, go to the beauty professional or follow proper instructions. Or if you really want your brow bones to look like a dispossessed scrubby tundra in your fifties, by all means go ahead.

4. You should choose for yourself where and what to study. Don´t presume that others automatically know what is good for you, when you don´t know it either. Think what you like to do over all in your every day life. What kinds of things make you feel alive and how could those things serve others? You will go trough all kinds of days and usually things that really work are the ones that meet your needs and some of the needs of the people around you

5. Remember that a smelly lip-gloss is a bad lip-gloss. You may shred a tear or too but stop using it.

6. Never compare yourself to others. There will always be someone who seems to be more beautiful, especially in Instagram. And by the way you should read Instagram as it´s written - as a storybook, fantasy.

7. And talking about Instagram: You don´t have to pluck your neckline lower for the photographs or anywhere else. You don´t need people in your life, for whom you have to pluck down the neckline of your shirt or any other clothing.

8. You are NOT a hand towel of any jerk you might meet in your ways, You don´t need to put up with overly sexual language or any kind or intruding to your skin, not even because you feel a need to be polite and sensitive towards the one behaving like that.

9. You are not unworthy, even if someone might abandon you. A quick Google search reveals that around the world people have managed to save valuable things from trash cans, things like lottery coupons, puppies and even new-borns. The things you might find from trash tell nothing about the worth of something that was thrown away but the stupidity of the one that threw it away.

10+ You are perfectly lovely. If you don´t know what it means right now, I hope you´ll have kids of your own some day. Then you will know.

Author: Hanna Kivisalo
Translated by: Teija Luhtala

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